Now that 5SOS and One Direction are going to tour together, the real question is…
Who is the opening act for who?


"is he the messiest?"
"does he do the washing up?"
"does he make his bed?"
"would you rather be with one of these guys?"

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  • Me: I'm so tired today.
  • Co-worker: Yeah? Up late last night?
  • Me: Yeah but it's my own fault, I was reading.
  • Co-worker: What we're you reading?
  • Me: *shit... shitshitshit think fast, you can't say fan fiction about two members of a boy band who may or may not be in a romantic and sexual relationship... shit* Uh, it was a book by John Green.
  • Co-worker: Oh! I love John Green!
  • Me: *breathes again*


*walks into school*


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at this point my blood is probably 4.3% pasta sauce

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